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New vs Second Hand Car

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If you’re looking to buy your next car, one decision you need to make is whether to buy a new or second-hand car. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are the things you should consider when making your decision.


When choosing a car, you should set a clear budget for the vehicle. Depending on your preferences and personal circumstances, this budget could be monthly or yearly. You might also choose to have an initial budget for purchasing the car outright, then a separate budget per month or year for insurance, tax, running costs and maintenance. Before you start your search, take a look at your finances to figure out exactly what you can afford. If you have a car to sell to put towards the cost of the next car, it's recommended you get an estimate for the value of the old car and include this in your budget. New cars are much more expensive than used cars; if your budget is limited, you might want to choose a used car.


How quickly you want your vehicle will also impact your decision between new and used cars. Used cars are readily available, and you can expect to wait a few weeks when buying from a dealership; other dealers will let you drive away the same day as long as you have your tax and insurance sorted out before you leave. However, if you’re buying a new car, it can often take much longer before your car is delivered, depending on the options and model you choose to purchase. Some people wait months or even years before they get the new car they ordered. If you need a car quickly, a used car is often the best choice.

MOT tests

New cars don’t require MOT tests for the first three years, so this is an area where you can save money buying a new car. A used car needs to pass an MOT every year for it to be legal to drive on the road. This is not only a cost but can be stressful for motorists, especially if they are unsure whether their car will pass its MOT each year.

Specification and personalisation

When you buy a new car, you get to specify the features you want to be included based on your preferences and needs. Many vehicles also allow you to personalise them by choosing different colour combinations and performance variables. Second hand electric cars and second hand petrol or diesel vehicles are already designed and their specifications can’t be changed easily. You have to choose between the options that are available on the market, and these might not be to your preference.

The latest tech and model

When you buy a new car, you’re buying the very latest model from that manufacturer and often, the latest technology will be included in that vehicle. If you love cars and must have the latest vehicle, this is a great choice. However, you can also buy nearly new cars on the second hand market. Although they’re not the same as they will have some miles on the clock and will have been driven by another person, you can still get the latest tech and model but for a fraction of the cost of buying a new car.


All cars come with a manufacturer warranty that covers them for any issues up to a certain number of years or a certain number of miles driven. If you purchase a new car, your vehicle will be at the very start of its warranty period, so you can rest assured that if anything happens, that shouldn’t, the manufacturer will fix it. When you buy a used car, it might be out of the manufacturer warranty period, so you can’t rely on this if anything happens. However, many used car dealerships do offer their own warranty on used cars. If this is something you find important, look for a used car warranty of at least 12 months. This means if anything unexpected happens to your car during the first 12 months after purchase, the car dealership will not charge you to fix the issue. Warranties have terms and conditions and don’t cover everything in your vehicle, make sure you always read the fine print of the warranty carefully.


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